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Sew with Norma

This service is especially for the individual who wants to take charge of his/her wardrobe and is excited to learn the skill of sewing and garment construction at their own pace. it is also for the extreme beginner who has no idea where to start. my suggestion is start with the sewing machine! it is the main equipment that will help you to realize all projects. All tuitions are tailored to suit each individual; whether a beginner or advanced.

My Service Varies

My service is unlimited and knows no bounds, as it ranges from helping an extreme beginner to thread the sewing machine, to helping a learner create an outfit for a special occasion, or helping a fashion enthusiast to prepare a portfolio to enter college or university. 

You could be a bride preparing for your big day and need expert advise on silhouette and colour coordination. This is also a service I offer.

Lessons for beginners start with learning to use the sewing machine. We most times progress to an introduction to seams, then other techniques such as gathers, pleats, inserting a zipper, then steadily into other processes , according to the need or desire of the learner.

Sew with Norma is an exciting life changing experience. This skill is most rewarding and continues to give almost instant rewards!

Colorful Thread


Sewing tuitions start at a cost of £30phr. these sessions are aimed at developing your sewing skills from beginner to advanced.

 Pattern cutting sessions start at £45 phr. I offer a unique bespoke approach. This means I work with learners to develop patterns to suit body type. I recommend these sessions for intermediate or experienced sewers. It is a technical process and requires the resourcefulness of the learner to whip pieces up quickly on the sewing machine in order to make steady and quick progress.

Blocks are available, which are more cost effective.

1 Block of 5 sewing hours for beginners costs £140.

1 Block of 5 for pattern cutting costs £210. (£200 for students)

Please confirm all bookings via; call, email or text (see contact)

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Sketching a Dress
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