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About Us

 Norma Ann is a fashion designer, tailoress and teacher.
A Jamaican born, who from the age of 12 knew she wanted to become a fashion designer. She was always sketching clothes and even in high school would make hand sewn pieces such as skirts for herself and other girls.

Upon finishing high school at the age of 16 my mother (my biggest supporter) bought me my first sewing machine. To me, then it was even better than being offered a car! I began to sew and for a while specialized in children’s wear. At that time i was a free hand cutter. Eventually I was making pieces for both men and women!

In 1993 i pursued a diploma in fashion. It wasn't enough to build me a recognized career and so i decided to train to become a  textiles teacher. I graduated in 1998, never losing sight of the ultimate goal... Fashion.

I migrated to the UK in 2001 and for a few years taught both full time and as a supply teacher. I remember carrying my sketch book around with me. One morning a colleague had a look at my sketches and was so impressed, she asked me to make her wedding dress! It was an honour and the dress was beautiful.

I began to get frustrated with being in the classroom and so eventually in 2008 I pursued an honours degree in fashion and marketing, my ultimate dream. I graduated in 2011.
My daughter was 6yrs old and I wanted to do something that would keep me close to her. I started Amron's school of sewing and began to teach individuals to sew. Three years later I launched Amron's house of fashion. A bespoke/couture service for women. I absolutely loved meeting and interacting with people and more so being able to share my gift which brings so much joy and makes occasions better.

Over the years it was always a challenge to merge both services; the sewing tuitions and bespoke fashion. I have now found a way to bring both under one umbrella.
 I am excited about this new direction and the beautiful memories that are about to be created. My aim is to serve my clients to the best of my ability and in so doing will be able to realize their dreams!

The Vision has been expanded!

I have most recently started the launch of a community that brings women of faith together: 'The Peculiar Woman'. I have been moved by my passion and a need to see like minded people coming together to form a strong fortress, and empowering each other. My faith is a huge part of who I am. My first strong influence of fashion and dressing up comes from church. Growing up in Jamaica church was always and still is a big occasion. Therefore, through learnt life experiences, we hope to bring harmony and create a safe space for ourselves, which hopefully, will be left as a legacy to our daughters! Please see links below and subscribe to our blog for weekly issues on meaningful topics at

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Letchworth Garden City

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