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The Bespoke Process

At Norma Ann, the bespoke process is a very timely and beautiful journey. It requires patience and
and communication from both designer and client.

At Norma Ann we begin the process with a consultation. During this time we discuss needs of clients, which includes concerns relating to silhouette, colours, fabrics and designs.
Both parties will come to an agreement based on design ideas, fabrics and colours.
The designer then carries out an extensive research to include fabric swatches, sketches and toile ideas.

Both client and designer discuss findings and all efforts are made to come to a decision that pleases the client. When both parties are in agreement it is time to begin the process. In depth body measurements are taken and client is given an appointment for first fit.

All patterns are bespoke and are made from scratch using clients body measurements. A toile is then constructed.
Toiling can be lengthy depending on the number of problem solving encountered. When fit and design is perfect the toile is then transferred to the real fabric.

After constructing in chosen fabric there may still be several fittings as client may lose or gain weight. Final finishing techniques are added to garment and client is given a date to collect garment. Both parties are by this time, excited, elated and are anxiously awaiting the occasion!

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